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To my readers:

A grey kangaroo and her joey

A grey kangaroo and her joey

You may have noticed my absence in the last few weeks.

I had intended to maintain my regular weekly blog during my travels in Australia and New Zealand, but between the time zone difference and constant movement from place to place, the time available for writing seems to be in short supply.  It seems I have no choice but to take a break, probably until I return in mid-March.

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The "Twelve Apostles"

The “Twelve Apostles”

In the meantime, here are a few choice photos from our trip along the Great Ocean Road, a journey that rivals the Pacific Coast Highway in the U.S.

I will post others from time to time.




Rainforest near Cape Otway

Rainforest near Cape Otway

The Beach At Lorne

The Beach At Lorne



  1. Hope you have a wonderful trip! (Judging by the photos, you are certainly seeing some interesting sights–and sites!)

  2. It looks spectacular. Enjoy your travels!

  3. I understand – and am following your adventures on Facebook. Whatever you want to call it – sabbatical, hiatus, pre-Lent (!), a break, a vacation – go for it. I was gone a week and had no time for blog creation, even though I stayed in the same time zone.

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