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My Gutsy Story

GutsyMy Gutsy Story, edited by Sonia Marsh, celebrates the gutsy in each of us with this collection of stories from 64 authors who found the courage to face their fears and live their dreams.

What makes these stories unique is the authors’ willingness to openly share the obstacles they surmounted, and the strength they developed to overcome doubt, fear, rejection, and grief. These stories of love, courage and adventure will inspire you to follow their lead and experience your own gutsy adventure.

The collection includes my “gutsy story” about giving up my career to sail around the world at age 40, titled Giving up the Illusion of Control.  

If you’d like to share in our adventures, you can order the My Gutsy Story here, or visit Sonia’s website to follow the gutsy stories not included in this anthology.



Tending Your Inner Garden

 The Tending Your Inner Garden® program uses the seasons as a metaphor for change in our own daily life.

After listening to a decade of life stories by program participants, founders Deb Engel and Diane Glass wanted another forum for women to share their experiences.

TIYG_FallCover_Press1Fall: Women’s Stories and Poems for the Season of Wisdom and Gratitude.  This is the last in the series of women’s reflections on the seasons of their lives.  Fall invites you to sit back, reflect, savor, celebrate and surrender. In your metaphorical autumn, you allow life lessons to integrate back into the soil of your Inner Garden. You recall the joys and sorrows of the year that has passed, acknowledging both milestones and setbacks. And then you let go, knowing that life events are transitory and the cycle of the seasons will begin again.

This volume includes two of my essays: The Journey or the Goal and Shaman.  

To purchase a copy of this lovely book, go to Tending Your Inner Garden: Fall.


TYIG_Winter_FrontCover-217x300Winter: Women’s Stories, Poems and Inspiration for the Season of Rest and Renewal is the first of four books, inspired by the seasons of the year, to share women’s stories of relationship, endings and beginnings, healing, desire and growth.

My essay, Listening for a New Drumbeat, is included in the first volume.

To purchase this inspiring collection, go to Tending Your Inner Garden: Winter