Mary is an experienced speaker whose multiple careers and unconventional approach to taking risk offers insights for career management, aging, and a host of other life situations in which the outcome is uncertain.

Mary’s speeches typically focus on issues related to stepping outside your comfort zone, and reflect lessons she first learned during her three year sailing journey, when she concluded that “sailing is a metaphor for life.”

  • You have no control over your environment.
  • Nothing ever goes according to plan.
  • You often end up someplace quite different than where you set out to go.

In the years since her return, Mary has continued to push the boundaries of her world.  She continues to follow Bradbury’s mantra:  “jump off the cliff and grow your wings on the way down.”

Popular topics for her speeches include:

From Finance to Fiction

Mary shares her journey from high finance in the global markets to creative writing, as well as her experience as both a memoirist and a novelist.  Her discussion will explore her reasons for writing a memoir and what led her to the world of fiction.

Learn to Love Living Out of Control

It is easy to fritter away your time and energy on family and business pursuits over which you have little or no control. By letting go of the things you can do nothing about, you free up amazing amounts of time and energy for those things that you care about.

The Art of Possibility

Many of us miss critical opportunities for personal and professional growth because we are fearful about leaving familiar surroundings. Drawing on her memoir — Sailing Down the Moonbeam — Mary shares a number of her experiences that offer ideas and insights for expanding your personal and professional horizons if you are willing to step outside your comfort zone.

Learning a New Language

We are all formed by the language we learn from family and friends as we are growing up. Mary explores the positive and powerful consequences of having to learn a new language, of discovering new ways of thinking about and dealing with the world. Drawing on her memoir — Sailing Down the Moonbeam — Mary will share fascinating stories that offer ideas and insights for expanding your own horizons even if you never leave your home town.



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