“A spellbinding story!”
~ Berkshire Homestyle Magazine

“A Hot Summer Read!”
~ Des Moines Register

“Devoured your great book in just two days … an informative and very interesting story. More books to come?”
~ Robert Sanderson, Des Moines, Iowa

“Especially interesting [are] the “off the beaten path” islands that Mary and Tom cruised. … these uncharted waters proved to be a journey not only in geographic discoveries (and a wonderful journey of discovery for the reader) but a life-defining journey in self-discovery. “
~ Seven Seas Cruising Association

“I thoroughly enjoyed your love story. Like with a fine wine, I sipped and tasted and enjoyed each event. Great images and emotion-creating passages. Jon Hrabe, Des Moines Iowa I am still savoring the insight, raw emotion and courage contained in its pages.”
~ Liz Chrisinger, St Paul, MN

“I am impressed not only with your writing, but also with your fortitude. You have an amazing story, one that speaks to me in so many ways.”
~ Rebecca Brown, Los Angeles

“The descriptions of the many places they visited and the people they met … make this story intriguing, poignant, exciting, and WORTH THE READ!!!”
~ www.Real Travel

“I have just finished reading your book. It must have taken some guts and heartbreak to write it.”
~ Brian Hall, Wellington, New Zealand

“I just finished your memoir. It’s beautifully done. So much of it reminds me of what I have done or tried to do or wanted to do.”
~ Geo Hindall, Rehobeth Beach, DE

“Sailing Down the Moonbeam . . . is wonderful, giving so much insight into your life, your relationships, your struggles and delights, and filled with … insights into different cultures across the globe.”
~ Roy Nilsen, Des Moines Iowa

“I appreciated the insight into a woman’s perspective. I took away some helpful tips to better communicate with my wonderful spouse and be sensitive to her needs and opinions. Thank you for sharing a piece of your life experience.”
~ Randy Jensen, Des Moines

“I read your book cover-to-cover yesterday and could not put it down. I am so in awe of what you have done.”
~ Pat Schneider, Des Moines, Iowa