Book Groups/Readings

ReadingsThe central premise of A Fitting Place, as with my memoir, is that the potential for personal growth is greatest when you step outside your comfort zone, when you are forced by circumstances to re-examine your own beliefs and values.

Book clubs offer a wonderful forum for me to share in my readers’ experiences in their own life journeys. I would be pleased to come speak with your book club, by SKYPE if it is not possible to be there in person.

If you’d like to schedule a book club discussion, a reading, or a presentation, click here. For a short excerpt from A Fitting Place, click here.

Schedule of Book Clubs, Readings and Other Events


2015  Events 

April 8 – Advanced Creative Writing Class (10 am – Valley High School, West Des Moines)

April 15 – Women in Communication (11:45 am – Des Moines, IA)

April 22 – Private Book Group (7 pm – Des Moines, IA)

April 23 – Private Book Group (6:30 pm – Ankeny, IA)

May 21 – Private Book Group (7 pm – Memphis, TN)

May 30 – Ames Public Library (2 pm – Ames, IA)

June 9 – Private Book Group (12n – Indianapolis, IN)

June 10 – Private Book Group (?? – Indianapolis, IN)

December 8 – Clive Public Library (6 pm – Clive, IA)

2016  Events 

April 11 – Association of Fundraising Professionals (11:45 am – Des Moines, IA)