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Memoir as Training Wheels, June 5, 2014, The Heart and Craft of Life Writing. 

Interview with Kathy Pooler, May 22, 2014. Memoir Writers Journey

Where the Magic Happens, May 17, 2014, Marian Beaman’s website, Plain and Fancy

Writer Finds Her Voice and Story, February 17, 2014, Susan Weidener blog, Women’s Writing Circle

The 4 R’s of Memoir Writing, August 12, 2013, Brian Hayden blog

Fine Wine and MemoirJune 27, 2013, Memoir Writer’s Journey

What is the Gist of Your Story?, February 22, 2013Belinda Nicoll’s blog: Rite of Passage

Are All Memoirs False?, February 12, 2013, Cheryl Stahle’s blog: Your BestWriting Group

Giving Up the Illusion of ControlJanuary 7, 2013, Sonia Marsh’s blog: My Gutsy Story

Change means Stepping Outside your Comfort Zone, November 9, 2012, Belinda Nicoll’s blog: Rite of Passage.


Guest Blogs  – Sailing Down the Moonbeam

SJ #1Author Interview, September 19, 2013 The Lunchtime Book Review

Simple Pleasures, August 27, 2013,Turbulence in the Veins

Author Wednesday, SAILING DOWN THE MOONBEAM, April 24, 2013, Writing Whims

Book Chat, SAILING DOWN THE MOONBEAM, March 3, 2013

Sailing Through Life, September 18, 2012, J.A. Beard’s blog: Unnecessary Musings

Learning to Love Living Out of Control, September 3, 2012, Siggy Buckley’s Blog: Writers Getting Together

Mindfulness, August 24, 2012, Christine Kling’s blog: Write on the Water


Drake University College of Business and Public Adminstration – Blue Magazine

Not Just Another JobDrake Blue, Spring 2013

Collaboration – Past, Present and Future, Drake Blue, Fall 2012

A Global Reach, Drake Blue, Spring 2012



History of the Young Women’s Resource Center, Des Moines, IA June 2013