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blog awardI have had the great honor to have been given the One Lovely Blog Award not once, not twice, but THREE times in the past few weeks. My thanks go to Cate Russell-Cole, who is tireless in her efforts to support writers, Carol Bodensteiner, whose commentaries on the small moments of every day life are beyond inspirational, and Kathleen Pooler, who has been a thoughtful contributor to this blog on several occasions.

One of the rules of the Award is that you must share 7 things about yourself that your readers may not know. So here are mine:

  1. I attended a convent boarding school in high school (Catholic). If any of the nuns are still alive, they may be relieved to know that the scoundrels who raided the kitchen on a regular basis were my roommate Janie and me.
  2. The shock of my young life came when I left the convent world (at age 16) for the University of Chicago, at the time considered to be a hotbed of communism and sexual experimentation.
  3. My birthday present to myself for my 70th birthday was to get Invisilign braces. The good news is that they are virtually invisible.  The bad news is that I can’t snack (well, maybe that’s good news) and I have to brush my teeth half a dozen times a day.
  4. I hate exercise, and do it only under duress. Fortunately, I have picked my friends—and my partner Kent—wisely. They are all exercise freaks and force me to do it regularly.
  5. I collect crosses that are also works of art. It began as a compromise for a household in which one member is religiously inclined and the other is not. It’s now become an active interest for both of us.
  6. I love orchids. All three of my bathrooms are always decorated with gorgeous specimens that I find at—of all places—Lowe’s. They are beautiful, relatively inexpensive, and seem to last forever!
  7. On the socio-political spectrum, my brain runs red (all those years working in Wall Street) and my blood runs blue (growing up in a world of social workers.) So I almost never find a political candidate that satisfies both my economic and social goals.

Another rule is that a winner has to pass on the award to other worthy bloggers.   Here are my favorites, all of them writers who blog about the business of life rather than the business of writing. (Given the fact that I have always abhorred anything resembling chain mail letters, I absolve them from the obligation of passing the award on unless they choose to.)

If you click on the individual’s name, it will take you to the website.

Jo Kline Cebuhar – So Grows the Tree

Gwen Plano — From Sorrow to Joy — Perfect Love

Janet Givens — And So It Goes

David Lawlor — History With a Twist

Marian Beaman – Plain and Fancy

Susan Weidener – Women’s Writing Circle

Richard Sutton — Saille Tales

Maria Popova – Brain Pickings

Sonia Marsh — My Gutsy Story

Joan Rough — One Rich Life

Check out each and every one of them … they will all brighten your day.


  1. Mary, Thanks so much for your nomination. I appreciate it and will pass it on to blogs I enjoy. Yeah, I hate chain letters too, but this is a good one!

    • Mary Gottschalk says

      Joan … thanks stopping by … I’m getting ready to do a guest blog for you on the bio-ethics of health…. hope you still want it.

  2. Congratulations, Mary! How honored I am to be listed among such an accomplished list of writers. Thank you.

    Because I know you only through your memoir and novel, the list of “7” was intriguing to me, especially your Catholic background and the red/blue allusions in number 7.

    • Mary Gottschalk says

      Hi Marian … Thanks for responding here … even if you don’t do continue the “chain mail” format, I’d love to know what your seven are!

  3. Mary, thank you for such a lovely mention. I am delighted to see that three of us have made a beeline for you. You’re a very special lady and a valued friend.

    • Mary Gottschalk says

      Thanks Cate … I’ve been thinking about getting back to the Enneagram stuff, which we talked about but then …. hope it’s as lovely a spring day there as it is a fall day here!

  4. Thanks, Mary. I’m in good company for sure. I loved how you said, “my brain runs red (all those years working in Wall Street) and my blood runs blue (growing up in a world of social workers.)” It reminded me of something I read years ago, “if you’re not a liberal when you’re young, you have no heart; and if you’re not a conservtive when you’re old, you have no head.” Same sort of paradox. Don’t you just love paradoxes?
    I’m honored that you thought of me and will plan to respond to this appropriately in my blog of the 29th.

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