Jaywalking as an Environmental Protest

For years, I’ve been an inveterate jaywalker, too impatient to wait for the light to change if there is no traffic.  

California, which takes stoplights and crosswalk signs very seriously, has converted me.  But not the way they might have hoped.  Far from religiously obeying the crosswalk signals, I have become an unrepentant jaywalker.  I search out opportunities to cross against the light.  And there are lots of opportunities in Carlsbad.  

Despite advances in traffic management technology, Carlsbad relies on an antiquated system in which the lights go red and green without regard to the way traffic patterns change through the day.  Minutes go by while I wait … and wait … and wait … despite the absence of any cross-bound vehicular traffic.  It happens dozens of times each and every day.

But what makes me really cross is watching a line of cars that waits … and waits … and waits at a red light when cross-bound traffic at that time of day is exceedingly rare.  

The waste of uncounted gallons of fuel as cars idle for no purpose at the intersection —in a state that purports to show America how to use natural resources wisely — is maddening indeed

I can’t control the lights, but I can jaywalk.