Legacy: What Will Your Verse Be?

  In keeping with my recent focus on issues of aging, my blog this week comes from change management consultant, Jann Freed, whose most recent book looks at aging with wisdom, or “sage-ing.”   We often think of a legacy as … [Continue reading]

Thoughts on the “End of Life”

  What is your definition of death? Is it the same as “the end of life”? Based on survey responses from the participants in my seminars on the Bio-Ethics of Aging, the answer depends on whom you ask. What stands out, from their responses, … [Continue reading]

The Right to Decide

  Much of the focus of the seminar I teach on the Bio-Ethics of Aging relates to the distribution of health care in a world of finite resources.  An equally important issue, based on the responses of the participants during the three … [Continue reading]

Modern Medicine-A Curse or a Cure

  For the second time in two months, I am teaching a three-week class on the Bio-Ethics of Aging. For the second time in two months, I am struck by how little thought otherwise knowledgeable and well-read people have given to the health care … [Continue reading]