A Christmas Tale

  As a special treat, I am reprinting a recent blog by my Irish friend David Lawlor, who offers an historian’s perspective on the Christmas tradition.   Santa—the Good, the Bad and the Downright Ugly                   He was dressed … [Continue reading]

Living in Free Fall

  A recurrent theme in my life is that you grow the most when you step outside your comfort zone. It is a heady feeling to realize that a painful experience that had you in free fall for a time has made you stronger and wiser ... to realize … [Continue reading]

The Ineffability of Aging

  No so long ago, I viewed 70 as the beginning of “old age.” Trouble is that today—my 70th birthday—I don’t feel old.  Yes, I have grey hair, along with wrinkles in some places I would never mention in polite society. I do get annoying … [Continue reading]

Respect – My Lai in Black and White

  The worst moment for me, in a string of horrible moments, was the sight of Lesley McSpadden standing out on the street on in front of the Municipal Court in Ferguson.  Like most of America, she was waiting to hear the result of the Grand … [Continue reading]