Teaching the Teacher

Will I ever learn to listen to my own advice? Tonight was the first night of an MBA seminar in which I ask my students to examine their attitudes toward success and failure. Since we’re all surrounded, all the time, by people and situations over … [Continue reading]

Requiem for a Lost Tradition

It was a perfect moment.  Vaulted ceilings.  Stained glass windows.  A red-robed choir.  A small orchestra with strings and horns performing Faure’s Requiem.   Lyrical and inspiring translations of the Latin text, interspersed between choral … [Continue reading]

Learning to Blog

Today, I pronounce myself officially a blogger as well as a writer.  There is more than a little irony in this decision. As a graduate student in the 1960’s, I played at the leading edge of the IT curve, not as a creator, but as a user of … [Continue reading]

Out of Control, Las Vegas Style

I know most things in life are outside of my control. Most of the time, I take genuine pleasure in letting the chips fall where they may. But Las Vegas seemed designed to test my mettle. Take, for example, music. Music emanated from every … [Continue reading]