Being Mindful

Expectations. What we want to happen. What we hope will happen. Except things rarely turn exactly as we expect. Again today, I met with several elderly widows in a nearby retirement community who wanted to hear more about my three years on a … [Continue reading]

The Office of Her Grumpiness

My 14 year-old-cat, Calliope, is stalking Kent as he sits at the breakfast table, reading his morning paper. He is the new man in her life as well as mine. She is using her feline wiles to get his attention. Threading her way between his legs, she … [Continue reading]

Learning to Live Small

How do you shoehorn a house full of artwork and oriental rugs into a small sailboat? You don’t. Instead you learn to “live small.” During the three years I spent living on a sailboat, a story captured in Sailing Down the Moonbeam, I learned that … [Continue reading]

Giving Up Control

Today, I gave up control -- I sent a draft of my first novel, A Fitting Place out into the world. Well, not the whole world, but to ten “beta readers” who have volunteered to help me birth my child.  Ten people who will tell me what I can do to make … [Continue reading]