From the Sublime to the Ridiculous

The Des Moines contingent of the Above + Beyond Cancer group met for the first time tonight.  It began on a somber note, as people gave bios and talked about their reasons for wanting to take this awe-inspiring journey.  Most people had heart-rending … [Continue reading]

The Bus Has Left

Yesterday, we got our first group communication for the Above + Beyond Cancer trip to Mt. Kailash in Tibet, with an application for a Chinese visa and a list of required immunizations. We also got a three-page list of recommendations for equipment … [Continue reading]

Stepping Outside My Comfort Zone

Wow! Kent and I have been accepted as “caregivers” on the pilgrimage to Mt. Kailash in the Tibetan Himalayas with Above + Beyond Cancer.  We have been told to expect a challenging experience in physical, cultural, emotional and spiritual terms. The … [Continue reading]

Social Media: Illusion vs Reality

Two months ago, I launched myself full-tilt into the powerful — and disturbing—world of social media. First, the good stuff — the power of social media. I am a neophyte, and at the start of this process had a mere 200 friends on Linked-In, 150 on FB … [Continue reading]