Enlightenment vs. Achievement

Teresa and I had the good fortune, this morning, to hear a presentation by Sarah Brown Wessling, an English teacher at Johnston High. In 2010, Sarah was the winner of the Teacher of the Year award, both in Iowa and nationally. Her topic was on … [Continue reading]

Boot Camp and Bonding

The training for the Above + Beyond Cancer trek to Mt Kailash is starting to get serious.    Today, Kent and I met the group at the YMCA for a hike around downtown Des Moines.  The easy part was “strolling” (yeah, right, strolling with hiking boots … [Continue reading]

The Challenge of Caregiving

Our first group hike for the Above + Beyond Cancer crowd in Des Moines started this morning at 6:30.  For the first 45 minutes, Teresa and Bikal (pronounced bee-call) led us on a merry chase up and down the dirt tracks to the east of the main trail … [Continue reading]

On Not Knowing Where You Are

I love following maps when I travel.  The little blue dot on my iPhone version of Google Maps has become my constant companion.  Knowing where I am in the context of my physical surroundings preserves the illusion that I have some control, however … [Continue reading]