Health Care: Private or Public?

  Most of my friends instinctively think of health care as a “private” matter, if only because so many health-related problems deal with the most intimate aspects of life. You want the right to choose your own doctor and to select the kind of … [Continue reading]

Christmas Greetings

  The day of the winter solstice—and first day of Christmas week—should be a time of peace, comfort, blessings and hope for the future.  So I shall pass on this week’s commentary on our less-than-comforting health care system.  Instead, I … [Continue reading]

Health Care — A Curse or a Cure

  As recently as 200 years ago, if you stopped breathing, you were considered to have died, whatever the cause. There were few scientifically-based options to prevent or delay death. A watershed moment in the history of health care came … [Continue reading]

Health Care – What is it?

  One of the goals of the Affordable Care Act was to expand access to regular and affordable health care for Americans. Underpinning this goal was a hard-to-argue-with notion that the nation, individually and collectively, is better off when … [Continue reading]