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I welcome readers and writers who have a perspective they’d like to share on any (or more than one) of the topics listed below:

  • issues related to the bio-ethics of aging, whether medical, religious, political or just general life styleSailing Down Moonbeam
  • the illusion of control, whether we stay home or stray far afield (of course!)
  • the opportunities for growth when you step outside your comfort zone (of course!)
  • the role of mindfulness in real life
  • the meaning of intimacy (emotional, physical, sexual),
  • inter-personal communication (e.g., keeping secrets)
  •  myth as a cultural narrative


If you would like to be a guest blogger, please contact me here.  The guidelines for guest blogs are:

  • I prefer essays of 350 – 500  words (submitted as a word document), but will consider a longer piece if the length is necessary.
  • I would like a (legal) photo to match the text if you have one. If you don’t have one, I will find one.
  • The blog should be in the nature of an essay on the topic you have chosen. I’m happy to have you promote your book if you are an author, but ask that it be done toward the bottom of the blog, perhaps as the reason you’ve put so much thought into the topic.
  • A brief author bio, a photo, and whatever links you’d like people to know about.
  • I reserve the right to edit your submission, although I rarely do so.  I would review any suggested edits with you before I run your piece.
  • I do not have deadlines or a fixed schedule, as I sometimes have blogs I want to do, and sometimes have several guest blogs in the queue.  Once I receive your copy, I’ll determine the date. If you have a preferred date, let me know, and I may be able to accommodate you.
  • I will promote your blog on FB, Twitter, and Google+, and would ask you to do the same.  I also expect that you will check the site periodically after your blog goes live, and respond to guest comments.

While it is not a requirement, I’ve typically talked by phone with writers planning to do a blog for me.  It’s a nice way to get to know my contributors, and explore their ideas.  If you’re interested in this, we can find a mutually convenient time.