The Bio-Ethics of Aging

moral-dilemma-empathic-concernAs the U.S. population ages, more of our resources are devoted to health care.  From a public and social policy perspective, the country must consider whether to allocate health care resources in an arbitrary way (as we do now) or forge a consensus on transparent guidelines for distribution of health care to the elderly and the allocation of economic resources between the elderly and the remainder of the population.

The workshop does not promote a particular secular or religious point of view, but explores a range of perspectives.  To obtain an application for the 2014 class, click here.

— September 2014 (8, 15, and 22) at the Senior College, Pappajohn Center, Des Moines, IA

— September 2013 (5, 12, and 19)



 Managing Career Risk

With the U.S economy undergoing significant structural change, fundamental change in technology and a long-term shift in global competitiveness, MBA students must position themselves for a successful career in a changing world. This workshop/seminar explores practical aspects of career management from the perspective of individuals who have made a career out of adapting to change. The goal of this course is to:

  • expand participants’ understanding of practical aspects of career management;
  • develop insight into the basis of career aspirations and needs;
  • examine the role of risk-taking in career management;
  • and redefine personal concepts of success and failure.

Drake University, College of Business and Public Administration,  Des Moines, IA

May 2014
May 2013
May 2012
December 2010
December 2009


Managing Change 

Many of us miss critical opportunities for personal growth because we are uncomfortable with change. In the same vein, we all waste energy trying to manage things that are ultimately out of our control. In this workshop, Mary drew on her memoir — Sailing Down the Moonbeam — for a discussion of the positive and powerful consequences of learning new ways of thinking about and dealing with the aging process.

Wesley Acres, Des Moines, IA


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