Learning to Blog

Today, I pronounce myself officially a blogger as well as a writer.  There is more than a little irony in this decision.

As a graduate student in the 1960’s, I played at the leading edge of the IT curve, not as a creator, but as a user of programming and computer tools that made life easier and opened amazing new avenues of intellectual enquiry. I continue to adopt new communication tools. WI-FI. The iPad, iPod, and Iphone. SKYPE. A website. Facebook and Linked-In. E-books. Twitter. But not blogs.

As a published writer for more than forty years, first as business writer and more recently as a creative writer, I appreciate direct and concise communication. I used lots of different styles and types of writing. But not blogs.

Why not?

For a start, I’ve never much liked calling attention to myself.  But more to the point, the writing process for me involves a first draft to get the skeleton … a second to put some muscle on the bone, and a third to make it come alive.  But who has time for three drafts of a blog one or twice a week?  Not me.  And why would I want to expose the world to my half-baked thoughts?

But that’s not a good enough reason any more. Social media — not the technology of it, but the culture of it — has revolutionized the world around me. Where once a snazzy cover and a good location in a bookstore would sell my books, I now need to identify the right “keywords” … and a way to keep them in front of my audience 24/7.

Am I the only one for whom this is so difficult?