Discussion Questions


A Fitting Place will almost certainly pose a host of thought-provoking issues.  To seed the discussion, here is an initial set of questions. I would love to know what other questions you come up with.

  • Lindsey has a long history of withholding important information about herself without realizing it. How do you think that pattern affected her marriage? How did it affect her relationships with the key women in her life (Joan … Dee … Claire)?  What sorts of information do you withhold in your relationships? Why do you do it? What has been the result?
  • Same sex relationships remain controversial even as more states allow same sex marriages. How was Lindsey’s view of her sexual identity affected by her love affair with a woman? How has Lindsey’s story influenced your view of same sex relationships?
  • The concept of sexual fluidity (see Chapter 11) offers a new perspective on same sex relationships? How comfortable are you with this as an explanation for Lindsey’s love affair? How common a phenomenon do you think sexual fluidity is in the everyday world?
  • Lindsey hides her new love from everyone. How do you think this secret affects her relationship with Zoey … Dee … Joan … Claire … Ted? How might things have turned out differently if Lindsey had not hidden her new love affair? How has keeping secrets affected your life? How has this book influenced your view of the consequences of keeping secrets?
  • Lindsey vacillates between imposing appropriate discipline on a sassy teenager and offering comfort to a distraught child trying to cope with divorce.  Do you think she handles Zoey well or badly? Do you think she is to blame for Zoey’s behavioral and health problems. Why or why not? How have you dealt with this sort of conflict? What might you do/have you done differently? What advice would you give Lindsey?
  • Lindsey struggles to balance the conflicting needs of her daughter and her lover. What do you think about the way she manages it? Is she a model for how you would handle conflict? What would you have done differently?
  • Psychologists and therapists tend to caution against rebound romances. Do you think Lindsey’s love affair was a rebound relationship? Why or why not? Do you think the net impact of the relationship on Lindsey was a positive? On her lover? Why or why not?
  • What do you see as the biggest changes in Lindsey over the course of the novel? Do you find her changes credible? Why or why not? What are the two or three most important factors contributing to that change?