A Fitting Place


A Fitting Place

In the wake of her husband’s desertion, Lindsey Chandler finds solace in a relationship that offers an intimacy Lindsey has never known.

As with many rebound relationships, she soon finds herself ensnared by the same destructive inter-personal dynamics that plagued her marriage. Because her new love is a woman, she is unable to blame her dilemma on traditional gender roles.  Lindsey is forced to look in the mirror as she seeks to define what she wants from this—or any—relationship.

Freed from the straightjacket of societal notions of friend, wife, and mother, Lindsey calls on inner resources she never knew she had, as she sets out to build a new life for herself and her teenage daughter.


A premise of A Fitting Place, as with my memoir (Sailing Down the Moonbeam) is that the potential for personal and/or professional growth is greatest when you are in situations that cause you to re-examine your beliefs and values. In Moonbeam, I made a conscious choice  to step out of my comfort zone from a professional, geographic and cultural perspective.

By contrast, my protagonist is in a situation that could happen to any woman.  While she remains in her hometown surrounded by friends, family and her career, she is forced out of her comfort zone by circumstances over which she has little or no control.

 “Gottschalk’s flawless crafting of plot and characters pulled me into the  
story and kept me absorbed ~Sharon Lippincott, author, Pittsburgh, PA

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A Fitting Place
By Mary Gottschalk
ISBN: 978-0-9797997-7-8
Paperback: $14.95
Kindle: $5.99